What Your Moving Day to a New Home Should Look Like

Avoid Common Moving Day Mistakes

Moving day is a huge undertaking for many people. You are probably feeling overwhelmed and wondering if you will be able to get everything done in time. We have compiled a list of things that Best Of Utah Moving recommend of what your moving day should look like, so take a look!

-Get an early start. The earlier you get started, the more time you have to complete your tasks and prepare for tomorrow.

-Pack up everything that is already packed in boxes or suitcases so they are ready to go before loading them into the car. It will save a lot of time when it comes time to unload things at your new home!

-Label all of your boxes with what room they belong in on both sides (kitchen, bedroom). This way everyone can help out as needed by having their own special job! For instance: if someone is taking care of packing kitchen items, look through each box labeled “Kitchen” for anything left behind. You may also want to label smaller boxes that belong in a specific room.

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-Plan to spend the night at your new house if possible and unpack as much as you can before morning so it’s fresh on your mind when you wake up! You’ll be more productive this way, we promise!

For any items not belonging in one of these rooms, either label them with “Miscellaneous” or store them in their own box until they have been sorted out later. For instance: If someone is taking care of packing bedroom items, put anything from the living room into a separate box labeled “Living Room” for now and leave it there! There are plenty of people who will help make sure everything gets done during moving day though, so don’t worry about being perfect just yet!

-Inevitably, there will be some things you forget to pack on moving day. Things like your toothpaste and toothbrush or other personal care items can usually be picked up right away at a nearby pharmacy or convenience store the next morning. For larger things such as furniture that is not labeled with its room location, it’s best to go back for them later in the week rather than risk forgetting again.

-It may also help if before jumping into unpacking boxes, take a walk around your new block and get acquainted with where everything is in case of emergency – place names are often very different from what they’re called by locals. And try this easy trick: take photos of your new home’s key lock and send it to yourself so you’ll always have a copy on hand.

-The first night in the house is usually pretty busy, but don’t feel like you need to jump into unpacking or organizing right away. Give yourself at least three days after moving day before diving into heavy cleaning and tidying up – by then, most people are ready for their own space again anyway!