The Ultimate Guide to Autogas

Cars: Autogas

You wonder what is autogas and where to find autogas near me? Autogas is an alternative fuel that has made a comeback in the last decade. It is a mixture of gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas, commonly referred to as LPG. Autogas provides many benefits over traditional fuels and can be used in most vehicles without modification- it’s just like using regular gasoline.

The first benefit is that autogas will provide better fuel economy than regular gasoline, giving you up to 20% more miles per gallon. This is because liquefied petroleum gas has a lower boiling point than traditional fuels. The second major benefit is that it’s cheaper – sometimes as much as 50%. In some areas, there may be incentives provided by local governments or even car manufacturers. For example, Mazda offers $500 off the purchase of new vehicles if they’re powered with LPG (or CNG). Finally, many people choose autogas because it produces less pollution when burned in cars and trucks- about two thirds less than gasoline.

Autogas Near Me

The downside to using autogas is that there are currently few refueling stations and you may need a specialized adapter, but it’s predicted that this will change in the future as demand for autogas increases. There are also some vehicles on the market today which can only use liquefied petroleum gas or compressed natural gas- these would not be able to run with Autogas without modification because they do not have conventional fuel tanks. Finally, there can sometimes be an odor associated with liquid propane when filling up your tank, so please keep this in mind if you’re sensitive to smells!

In conclusion, autogas is a great alternative fuel for your car. It’s cheaper, cleaner and provides better mileage than gasoline- so why not give it a try?