Leaving for Good? Organize a Garage Sale

This Is How You Do It!

Leaving for good? Not so fast! You may be feeling like you have already put everything into boxes and are ready to hit the road, but if you are anything like me then there is one more thing that needs to happen before you say goodbye. That’s right – it’s time for a garage sale! While this might seem daunting at first, read on as we break down how to organize your own garage sale and make some money in the process. Vaughan movers can help you with the project and they can even deliver storage material.

Vaughan Movers

The first thing you need to do is decide when the garage sale will take place. A great time might be right before a move, while there are still boxes in your house. Preferably this should happen on a weekend day or holiday, so that you can benefit from higher traffic and more people shopping for the deals. If possible try to plan it around an event happening locally as well; not only does this increase visibility but also foot-traffic which leads to more sales!

When organizing your items into prices – remember what they originally cost? That’s the price point at which most buyers will purchase them, so make sure those items are prominently displayed with their original tag hanging nearby (see below). Otherwise you run the risk of getting less money for the items. If possible, try to organize your garage sale so that shoppers can work their way from least expensive item to most pricey – this will encourage people who have already bought a few things and feel satisfied, to keep going back in order to spend more money on nicer or more expensive products.

This is especially effective for liquidation sales when it’s important not only sell all inventory but also just as importantly move out fast!