I Missed You: How to Contact Old Friends

Waking Up To An Old Friend

We all have friends from our past we would like to contact again, but for one reason or another can’t find. Whether it’s because they live far away and you never see them in person, or because their social media is private and you don’t want to come off as creepy by friending them on Facebook. If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to reconnect with an old friend, there are a few steps that will help get the ball rolling and help of Charlie Eissa is one of them.

Step One: Find their contact information. If you have an address or phone number for the person, that’s great! You can use that to start your search and find out whether they still live there or what their new cell phone number is if necessary. The best place to look for this kind of information is usually a Facebook page (as long as it isn’t private), but other social media sites like LinkedIn are also good places to check once you know someone has one.

Charlie Eissa

If neither of those things work, try looking through old emails from when you were friends with them in college/high school; sometimes people send each other addresses and numbers over email at some point during the relationship before updating each others’ personal info on Facebook.

Make sure that you have a recent photo of them so you can show if they don’t recognize your face!

If none of those things work, try looking up the person in an alumni database for their college or high school. It should have contact information for them and might tell you where they currently live. This is probably one of your last options though because these databases are usually only available to people with connections at that institution (i.e., current students, faculty members)

How successful this strategy will depend on how well-connected each person still is to their old friends from grade school/high school—if no one’s keeping tabs on everyone, it’ll be difficult to find someone who has kept in touch with all their past acquaintances.