GAMSAT Exam Resources

A Study Guide for the GAMSAT Test

The GAMSAT exam is an important milestone in the life of a medical student. It’s not just about getting into med school, but it also gives you a head start on your career as a doctor! If you are planning to take this challenging and intense test soon, be sure to check out our GAMSAT study guide for tips on studying and which books will help prepare you for the big day. You can get help from the article called gamsat how to prepare that is written by professionals.

What is the best approach?

The GAMSAT exam is a challenging three-hour test that will push your analytical and verbal skills to the limit. However, with careful preparation it can be conquered! Here are some of our top tips for preparing:

Read through all the questions in this guide at least twice before you start answering them so you know what format they follow. This way when you get into an actual exam situation, there’s less chance of being surprised by tricky wording or unexpected content. It really pays off to study well before time runs out!

Gamsat How To Prepare

For those who prefer auditory learning style, we recommend using podcasts such as TED talks or lectures from reputable universities to supplement reading material . We also suggest watching short documentaries on YouTube about medical industry topics to better understand the range of topics on the test.

If you’re studying with friends or family, get them to quiz each other and help one another out in their weaker subjects! It’s a great way to learn while reviewing your own material as well.

Some students find it helpful to take practice tests from different providers in order to develop an understanding of what is generally expected for GAMSAT questions .

For those who like reading preparation books, we recommend “The Official Guide To The Latest Medical School Admission Test” by Dr Anthony Berberich because it contains all information needed and has everything broken down into easy-to-read sections that make study time more efficient. There are also plenty of example answers available at the end for extra guidance when exam starts.