Cambodia Koh Kong Island -A Charming Island By The Sea

Koh Kong Island is located in the western part of Cambodia, 22 kilometres south of Koh Kong City in the Gulf of Thailand, near the border with Thailand. The island is 20 kilometers long and 6 kilometers wide on average. It is the largest island in Cambodia and belongs to Koh Kong Province.

There are forests, mountains, freshwater rivers, and lagoons on the island. The highest point on the island is over 200 meters. The northern part of the island is controlled by the army, and there is a small fishing village on the southeast side and 6 original ecological tropical beaches on the west side. Several resorts have been opened on the island.

There are some small animals in the forest on the island, such as monkeys, wild boars, and some birds. There are rare butterfly species in the jungle. Because it has not been developed, the marine life here is not disturbed too much.

Koh Phangan is located on the banks of a sea province of Koh Kong island, and Koh Kong Province Cambodia northwestern a part of the province, named after the island of Koh Kong.

The capital of Koh Kong Province is Koh Kong City. To the north is Pusa Province, to the east is the Province of Kompong Speu, to the southeast is Kampot Province, to the northwest is the province of Trat in Thailand, and to the west is the Gulf of Thailand. Where the natural environment is so convenient, the local people are mostly engaged in fishery and forestry to live. Koh Kong Island, Cambodia, what spark will it create with you who travel here?

There are tropical beaches, freshwater rivers, mountain peaks, and so on. Beach No. 4 is the most beautiful of the beaches and is also the location of a lagoon. In this lagoon bay, you can snorkel, the water is crystal clear, there are beautiful coral groups, and there are also beautiful small creatures in the sea. The north is controlled by the army and has shrimp farms. Its economic development is very fast, but despite its rapid development, it is still very low compared with neighboring countries.

The people here mostly rely on homework for their living, such as agriculture and related sideline jobs. However, most of the products are imported from Thailand. Some small shops here are open until 10 pm along the way or on the east side of the market. If you are interested, you can go to the night market and return some good things.

Suitable daze Island

With a sense of balance, we began to see. The houses of various colors and colorful houses are of different sizes, and some have the smell of stilted buildings. It is easy to see which one is rich and which one is poor. The city center here is very small, but it’s going from east to west, you will feel that you have traveled back to an ancient era.

Koh Kong Island is not only the second-largest island in Cambodia but also the largest mangrove wetland in Asia. The red plank road and the wooden plank road are hundreds of meters long in a vertical and horizontal direction, and the two sides are covered with interlaced mangrove trees. When the tide rises, these tree roots are all immersed in the seawater, and when the tide is low, they are all exposed.

Mangroves and their wetlands are key areas of coastal ecology and have significant effects in purifying air, purifying seawater quality, and reducing marine pollution. In reducing the greenhouse effect and absorbing certain radioactive materials, its role is also unmatched by many terrestrial forests. As a beautiful marine forest, it has special tourism, aesthetics, and scientific research value.

Walk for a while on the serene plank road, and you will reach a viewing platform, where you can see the magnificent mangrove forest. Looking around, there are clumps of mangroves everywhere, like a sea of ​​red flowers. This spectacular feeling, I feel the stretches of mangroves and seas all the way, absolutely unprecedented, and I am so addicted!