Koh Kong Island Landview Koh Kong Island Landview Koh Kong Island Landview

Contact & Booking

For any enquiries or information, please contact:

w. info@kohkongisland.net

T. +855 (0)977 55 8988
+855 (0)35 93 63 71


From Phnom Penh: by taxi ($70, 3 hours) or bus ($7, 6 hours) to Koh Kong city, where the boat awaits at dock in:

Koh Kong Bay hotel
Address: Located on the Prek Koh Por Koh Kong City, Cambodia
200m on the left before the Thai bridge.

Big speed boat Everyday:
- To island: Departure from Koh Kong City (behind Koh Kong Bay Hotel) at 8.30am 15$/pax.
-From Island: 15.00 pm – 15$/pax.
Later departure at any time:
- Private small speed boat (15 horse power engine) available 2-3 pax 55$ (one way)
- Private speed boat (40 horse power) available up to 4-5 pax 90$ (one way)

NOTE: our big boat only leaves with 7 or more guests. Please contact us during rainy season for weather conditions.